Top Magic Facts

Top Magic Facts

Magicians have always been at the core of entertainment ideas, no matter which sort of event you intend to plan the entertainment for. Talent producers understand the value of magic and the effect such acts have on people. As great as magic acts seem as a form of entertainment, have you ever thought about the history of the craft itself? We have compiled a list of the top facts in magic for those who are interested in knowing more about the art. Ranging from interesting to downright amazing, these facts are sure to keep you glued!


The Killer ‘Bullet Catch’ Act

Great magic acts are often the ones where the audience perceives as the performer being in mortal danger; hence the immense popularity of the bullet catch trick. In essence, the act consists of a bullet being fired from a rigged gun and appearing to catch a marked bullet. Inherently dangerous, this particular act has resulted in a recorded 12 deaths! Numerous precautions are taken by magicians, yet, the risk is still there!


Top of the Head Sawed Off While Alive (1889)

Washington Irving Bishop, a famous magician in the 19th century, got his head sawed off during an act while he was still alive! Irving suffered from a condition which occasionally resulting in him going into a coma spontaneously. During an act, this happened; the doctors rushed to his side and pronounced him dead. To learn the cause of such a weird death, the doctors decided to conduct an immediate autopsy, which started off by sawing his head off. It was later determined that the autopsy was the actual cause of death; and the doctors didn’t even have permission to do so!


Escaping Handcuffs from 1760 Different Police Officers

The ‘escaping handcuff’ act is one of the oldest tricks in the book, being performed by at least once by pretty much any stage or street magician. Nick Janson of the United Kingdom, though, has taken the trick to a whole new level: performing it all around the world, managing to escape from handcuffs placed on him from 1760 different police officers to date!


Fighting the Nazis with Magic

During the Second World War, a gang of magicians headed by British national Jasper Maskelyne, actually fought the Nazis using a combination of illusions and innovative camouflage! The gang was tasked with coming up with different sort of illusions in order to deceive the Nazis and keep them busy hunting ghosts. Fighting the enemy with magic: literally!


There you have it, our list of the top magic facts. The attraction of magic to the common man is undeniable, and is prevalent when it comes to entertainment ideas. Even for corporate entertainment, magic still holds its own!