Top Tips for Hosting a Brazilian Themed Event or Party

Top Tips for Hosting a Brazilian Themed Event or Party

Brazilians really know how to throw a party, food, décor, attire, entertainment, women, they’ve got it all covered. The best part of having a Brazilian themed party is that you and your guests are guaranteed on having a good time, filled with excitement, with energetic and lively music that will keep the party going till the wee hours of the night.


The following lines are going to be on how you can drum and dance to the famous beats of Brazil and host a show without having to break a sweat.


The Music

Needless to say, music is a major part of the Brazilian culture and so cannot be excluded by any Brazilian themed party, no matter what the size. The music of Brazil is not only lively, but also fun and easy to dance along to, which makes it perfect for any party Brazilian or not. The following are some of the best options which you can incorporate into your Brazilian themed party or event to make it memorable for years to come.


Typical Brazilian Show

The Typical Brazilian show which offers the complete flavours of Brazil with amazing Capoeira acts and stunning dancers will leave your audience feeling exhilarated and wanting more.


Brazilian Drummers

When it comes to Brazilian music and song, no one can bring out the beats then the lighting drummers from France. If you’re looking to wow your guests at your Brazilian themed event, Booknact is your number one destination for the most explosive shows, near infectious energy and magnetic performances from the very best in the corporate entertainment business.


The Costumes

Since fashion is important in Brazil, you can give your Brazilian themed party the edge by giving all your guests a unique dress code. Instead of letting them come in normal party attire, ask them to choose one of the semi-formal wears that mimic the Brazilian fashion style.


The Food

Since beer is the drink of choice in Brazil, it would be a great addition to any Brazilian themed party. You can also serve Cachaca, Caipirinhas and Feijoada.


Ending Note

Booknact gives you the opportunity to bring the magic of the Brazilian carnival to your Brazilian themed party or corporate event, with all the vibrant energy, colours and excitement that Brazil is so lovingly known for. From Brazilian drummers, the show stoppers from France, to the typical Brazilin show, complete with marvellous dancers and gravity defying Capoeira performers in dazzling costumes, Booknact has them all and you can get them too at a price, of course!